The Mombasa Old Town

Centuries of interaction between Arabs, Asians, Portuguese and the local people has given birth the distinct character and charm seen only in the Old Town unlike the rest of Mombasa. Walking in the alleys of the Old Town is an excellent opportunity to experience a coastal-afro-euro-arab-culture; the area is famous with architecture that dates back in the 16th century. Also seen are ancient mosques, markets selling spices, fish and fruits, local and exotic art dealers, curio shops and streams of brightly colored kanga and kikoy fabrics waving from decorated and carved old Arabic style doorways. 


The Old Town, the Old Port and the Fort Jesus Museum are best explored when walking as the inside streets are too narrow to allow movement of vehicles. To avoid the heavy traffic coming from or going to the North Coast via the Nyali Bridge or the South Coast to Likoni and Ukunda via the ferry, the tourists normally plan to stay at the New Palm Tree Hotel the days they are visiting these locations. They easily take a relaxing walk to the area after they have had a good night sleep and a nice breakfast at the hotel, majority of them go back again in the afternoon to see more sites and shops.

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